Anti-Islamization group: M’sia is not Saudi Arabia

Anti-Islamization group: M’sia is not Saudi Arabia


Zaid Ibrahim

Are Azrul and Azira playing Malay dress-up in baju Melayu and kebaya pendek in the hope that their traditional costumes will help make them look less like liberals? 

Photos by Tanjak.Report

The usual suspects dotted the RUU335 counter-rally held in Tasik Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya earlier this afternoon.

Comprising mostly Chinese urbanites, they’re vehemently against Malaysia becoming Islamisized, and believing that proposed amendments to the Syariah Court Jurisdiction Act will pave the way to an Islamic state.

Although this time the protesters against RUU355 had parked themselves under the ‘Bebas’ umbrella, they were still the identical segment of urban noise-makers often recycled during these kind of events.

And again quite typically, the Chinese group objecting to Islamic law have gotten their small bunch of same old same old Malay anti-establishment faces to be window dressing in the shopfront.

There was predictably the super garang lawyer Siti Kasim – below – of the middle finger fame, seen invariably wagging her fierce (fore)finger. She was one of the event speakers.

Then there were the activist lawyer Haris Ibrahim, a DAP supporter and politician lawyer Zaid Ibrahim, a DAP leader.

They are the Malay liberals who are visibly anti-Islamic criminal law.

BELOW: Hipster wearing a sloganed T-shirt connected to an NGO led by Bersih’s S. Ambiga that aspires to “take back the country”



Source: Malay Today

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